Elin Matilda is a Sydney-based  illustrator, artist & designer.

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Elin Matilda Andersson is a freelance illustrator, designer & artist working out of her bush-encapsulated studio south of Sydney.

She is represented commercially by The Jacky Winter Group in Australia, NZ and USA.

Born in Stockholm, she relocated to Australia in 2009 to complete a BA in Visual Communication in 2012.

Elin Matilda's work is a combination of digital and analogue image making, commissioned for a wide range of outcomes. Examples include (but not limited to):

●  Editorial illustration
●  Surface design & murals
●  Book covers
●  Packaging
●  Kids books
●  Animation
●  Textile prints & patterns

She has worked for clients such as Penguin Random House Publishing, Google, Facebook, Australian Geographic and Doteveryone.

Apart from illustrating she is into animals, equality, environmentalism & wine. Get in touch to chat about commissions, collabs or just to say hi.



—  Spaces Magazine V.5 (2019)
—  Maker’s MGMT interview (2018)
—  Ballpit Magazine feature (2017)
—  Frankie Magazine feature (2016)
—  Kate Sylvester Sessions (2014)

    © Elin Matilda Andersson 2020
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